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Read~ UnCover Monthly~ Apologies #needcovers #freepromo #mfrwauthor


I hope everyone is having a great summer, or winter if that’s your region. Mine is busy with five new puppies almost ready for new forever homes.

In May my baby brother married a wonderful young woman we all adore. I was so honored my brother asked my daughter (far left blonde) to stand with him as a Groom’s Maid. More thrilling, new hubby and better-half are expecting a baby boy in October. I’ll be traveling to the baby shower (from Oklahoma) next month and I’m pretty stoked. This baby will be the first Lewis (my daddy’s line) born in almost half a century! In fact, this brother holds the title of “last Lewis” until his son arrives. Yes, very excited!

So, why am I telling you about this, instead of sharing book covers?

Well, I know you probably clicked the link expecting the usual monthly plethora of cover yum, and I apologize for not having any for you this month. Unfortunately, just because I have UCM up and running again, I haven’t gotten enough covers to post yet.

Consider this is my official welcome notice.

If you have pure romance covers to share, or know someone who does– I NEED them! 🙂

No erotic please.

If you have friends with new books out (or not so new), please let them know, share this link and help UCM rejuvenate to runneth over with yum once more.

You can find everything you’ll need to submit your covers on my site:

Thank you for all of your support over the past few years with UnCover Monthly. I look forward to serving you with FREE promo.

In the meantime, please stop by on Friday, 7/21 and meet my guest, Eve Rabi. I know she’d love to have all the company she can get.


29 and counting! <3 <3











I wish a very

to us.

After twenty-nine wedded, though not always blissful, years- I love you more and more each day.

You are my rock.

My soulmate.

Thank you for three beautiful daughters who have blessed us with five lovely miniatures of themselves.

I wouldn’t trade a one for anything in the world because each is a part of you and me–proof of a long lasting and beautiful love.


with all my heart, Mitchell! Here’s to another 29 years!