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Six Sentence Sunday first timer


I blame Christine Warner- No, make that thank her- I joined Six Sentence Sunday last week. Well I forgot to post last week, so technically, I guess I joined this week. It’s my first time so be gentle and don’t get in a hurry with me. 😛 I’m still trying to get the hang of this anomaly that has thousands rushing on Sunday to view dozens upon dozens of writer blogs. You can follow the link I connected to the name and check out the rules. Maybe you’ll want to join in next week! Maybe you’ll want to just hop around to those who have participated. Either way, the link is the way to go. It’s just what it says. Post (6) six sentences of a wip. That’s it. 🙂 I think I succeeded.

So I’ve been talking a little around cyber space this last week about my latest WIP- work in progress- about a fireman. Yesss I know I write cowboys, but my second love is firemen. I mean, seriously, they risk their lives literally every hour of each day! They work in fire…can you think of a ‘hotter’ hero material example? What’s not to love, I ask?

So I decided to share a little of MY fireman with you today. Now, don’t get used to him, and don’t be jealous. I’m very possessive during the creation stages. His story is, as yet, unfinished. Buuut I can give you a yummy peek. 

Sean had a rough year and if you joined me at my cp, Ceri Hebert’s blog last Tuesday you’ll know what I’m talking about. Here he makes reference to that past after a talk with the heroine, Haley Shade, about her daughter, Petra.

I hope you enjoy Fireman, Sean Colby from [working title] Hearts Afire.

“I have to get back to work. Tell Petra hello for me.” He left before he said anything else to upset Haley, but he suspected, by the glint of daggers she aimed at him with his request, it was too late for a save.

Not that it mattered. His saving days were behind him.

For good.