The WIP Corral

What I’m working on

Before a manuscript makes it Into the Fire it spends time milling around the corral, waiting to be be sorted and branded for sale. I have several in the works right now. This is the page I’ll share what I’m working on between promoting new releases and deep in edits. 

   ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞

I have a sequel to Healing Whispers. Didn’t know that, did ya? Of course not. I’m just telling you. The tentative working title: Priceless. It is the story of one of the secondary characters from HW. Yep, more sexy cowboys and strong-willed heroines to tickle your fancy. I’ll share more on that one as it progresses.

In the meantime, I’m revising Healing Whispers for submission.

I can’t forget my new fire fighter story that I put on hold to write that busted cowboy novella. Hearts Afire will be a wonderful story full of emotional scenes and a lot of heart-mending required for my hero and heroine. I can’t wait to get that one finished and submitted. I’ve been working on it! 

So, I hope you’ll keep checking back here and In the Fire to find out how these manuscripts are progressing.

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