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       I like long walks in the park, eating cotton candy… Oh, hi!

I’m Calisa Rhose, romance author of warm, sensual, and charming love stories of the heart. Tales about handsome but damaged men- and the  strong, sexy women who dare to love them. Where, sometimes, it’s the men who have to be strong to save the women they love.

But it’s always about romance and the happy ending.

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As the title says, I’m a dreamer and a writer. I’ve been writing since my early teen years when Rock-N-Roll ruled. Most of my early ‘stuff’ contained singers and the music of my era (to time-stamp myself… BCR, REO Speedwagon, KISS, Rosetta Stone are a few of my most  loved). I wanted to be a Rock Star and even auditioned for the lead of an imitation Heart group. I may have made it, but I didn’t like the people (read: their preoccupation with where the next marijuana supply was coming from). I left and never called them back and highly doubt they ‘made it’ either.

I graduated to adult romance, and left my beloved teenie-boppers behind to moved on to ‘real’ men. As a horsewoman, it didn’t take long for my first love to take over. Rodeos, horses and the men/women who shared my passion. Today I still writes about cowboys as my first love in heroes. But, I recently branched out to my Cherokee heritage some with a wolf shifter series I’m working on that incorporates my heritage through legends.

Writing medical came to to me by accident, or fate, when I entered a project through Harlequin Mills and Boon and now I’m writing (read: revising the requested full ms- Yay!) what may be the first of many.

But horses are still a constant and I love to ride my quarter horse, Sonny Delight, when I need to ‘feel’ my characters out, think about plots and conflicts. Sonny is my happy-place therapy.

But- my first and true love is the loving family who supports me. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother living out my real-life romance in Oklahoma, USA.

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Besides writing my own stories, I like helping others reach their dream so I did the only thing that made sense. I joined the other side of the industry and became an acquiring and content editor for the wonderful epublisher, Lyrical Press, Inc. I look forward to hearing from you there. LPIBanner

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I do like walking in parks and eating cotton candy (best served with grubby granddaughter fingers). I do love horses and country life, currently that is 3.5 acres of trees. I’ve been married for 28 years to the same wonderful, supportive man. We have three daughters who also have all daughters (we hope for a grandson some day). And I am short, or petite, delicate, whatever you want to call it. Is that important? Well, when you’re 4′ 11 3/4 ” tall- yes. It’s very important to make people acknowledge every last millimeter of your height! Especially when it comes to furniture. Ever sit in a chair and feel like Lilly Tomlin in the old comedy show ‘Laugh-In’? Don’t know that show? Well, she played a little girl always sitting in this HUGE chair (you know, to make her look really small). Your feet hang three feet off the floor and one foot below the seat edge so you just sit there like a preformed Gumby doll, legs sticking out like, well, sticks. Aaanywaaay-There you have more than you wanted to know about me. I’m short and old. But, not too old! All I know for sure is that TNT comes in small packages, too!

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Now that I’ve reality-checked your incredible image of me- have a look around, see who I really am. Browse what I have out in publisher-land and what else I write. Wonder what I do when I’m not nose deep in cowboys or a some other contemporary romance? This is the place to find out!

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And, hey, when you’re done looking around grab a seat on my cushy-comfy sofa, there’s plenty of room.  You might enjoy some tea, coffee, or wine and a slice of turtle cheesecake. Settled in? Great. Now you can just chat with me on my blog, or relax with a free read.

Yep, I will have a free read once a month when I get this site up and running smoothly. You’ll find it in the Read This subpage, or drop down menu, on the Write Now page. Lengths of these offerings may vary. Excerpts of current work may also be available occasionally in the drop down menus of whichever category I am writing at that time (eg. Write Now, contemporary work, or What Else, anything paranormal/non-contemporary). You can also check the News sub/nested page titled Blogging to see who my guests will be a month ahead, or where I’ll be blogging or appearing.

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And finally- thank you for taking time from your busy day to hang out and get to know me. Don’t forget to comment on my blog to let me know you were here. Feel free to drop me a note sometime to Say Hey! I’d to hear from you!