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~ Tuesday Round Up and Friday Fanfare~

So you want to be a featured guest on The Ranch! 

* This is a G-PG21 rated blog. If you don’t have or can’t provide a PG post/images/book covers, then this might not be the place for your promotion. If you do have, then read on! 😀

If you’re interested in a guest spot on the Ranch for Tuesday Round Up or Friday Fanfare, please finish reading this page, then hop over and contact me to become a cowgirl/boy on my Ranch for a day.


Newest feature:

Est. December 9, 2012- Un-Cover Monthly

The first Monday of each month is the day to uncover your awesome books covers! Share them with the world!

Go here for details! UnCover Monthly


If you’re interested in a Tuesday or Friday  guest spot send requests to my contact page “Say Hey” here on the website, or at calisa (dot) rhose (at) gmail (dot) com. Please DO NOT respond or send anything to my regular email address. I’m trying to steer ALL blogging emails to my author email here. Replace (dot) with periods and (at) with the @ symbol in the email address. Thanks!

I offer three formats, head pics are optional for all. Up to 5 images at least 300 x 500, .jpgs or pngs only, please. Have all material to me no less than five days (seven days for interviews) before your guest spot on Pen of the Dreamer (a.k.a. the Ranch) to give me time to set it up. All posts go live at 12:01 a.m on your date US-CMT (US-Central Mountain Time) unless technical issues prevent a post being scheduled ahead of time, then it will be posted no later than 9 a.m. US-CMT, asap, or rescheduled if necessary, and ONLY with author’s approval of new date within that same week. If you would like to be scheduled according to time zone differences, please let me know and I’ll try to accommodate.



1. Promo post- cover art (300×500 or larger), author pic, bio, blurb, excerpt, contact/buy links and a small post by the author to personalize it. (This can be a couple of paragraphs about the creation of the book, what you like about book/characters, etc, just so the post isn’t simply a -my book, buy it here- promo.)


2. Topic post- you pick a topic and write it. Send author bio/pic/cover art, links


3. Interview- find all forms below – send author bio/pic (optional but preferred), contact/buy links and cover art (300×500 or larger). I alternately have questions you can grab below for you to choose from, or you can use your own. PLEASE BE SURE ALL COMPONENTS FOR YOUR POST ARE COMBINED INTO ONE MEDIA DOC BEFORE SENDING TO ME. It makes my life much easier. 🙂


For all formats please list your book title to be promoted and if you’ll be offering free copies.

Please email me with any questions you have about these guidelines. Reach me through the ‘Say Hey’ tab above or directly at calisa.rhose@gmail.com Get your interview applications here now!

Tuesday RoundUp Interview form – female author

Tuesday Round Up Interview form – male author

Basic Questionnaire




I need ALL word documents combined into ONLY ONE ATTACHED document BEFORE you send it to me. Please DO NOT send all your blurb, post/interview and links in separate word documents. Attach cover and author images separately (not inside the media kit), but in the same email. DO NOT put any info/images in the body of the email. I just don’t have time to piece posts together, and your post may regrettably have to be postponed to another available Tuesday/Friday, or cancelled if all other dates are filled if not done correctly the first time.


All posts auto post to Facebook, Triberr and Twitter, G+ and Goodreads and Amazon, and when possible I will announce to my own loops. I ask that you also promote your post. I am not responsible for any good or bad response to your promotion on The Ranch. The number of hits varies, and I have no control over those, though if you are interested in how many hits you get at the end of your visit, email me and I’ll send the numbers to you. The more you participate, comment, the higher chances seem to be for more comments and hits you’ll have. Posts also seem to do better with free (e)book or other prize offers, though this is totally up to you to provide and only at the guest’s discretion. I DO NOT require the offer of gifts of any form in exchange for hosting any guests on my blog.

Most of all, thank you for your interest in blogging on The Ranch!


** I prefer not to schedule interviews (other than those pre-scheduled) during any month I’m doing a personal blog tour. I will only schedule Promo and Topic posts during those times which will be announced ahead of time.**


* These guidelines and any on this site may change without notice, so please, read carefully each time you visit with the intention to promote.

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