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UnCover Monthly is a fresh new, FREE way to promote your awesome book covers, cover artists when available and publishers, even if that artist or publisher is you! Submitted covers run all month, so don’t forget to promote, promote, promote beyond the initial live post on the first Monday of every month! Share, share, share them with the world ALL MONTH to take full advantage of this opportunity! 🙂

Most important, please share this link so other authors can share their lovely covers too.

After more than four years of UnCover Monthly—

After many supporter requests—

At last, holiday themed covers!

For now, I will post covers featuring  four major holidays:

*Valentine’s Day

*Fourth of July



All submissions will still be first come. But I will fill two to four slots with holiday books first and finish each months’ allotted six to eight cover lineup on holiday months with non-themed covers. There will be still be slots each month for covers reserved three or more months in advance, (usually used to coincide with a new release).

I will also post two UCMs on the first Monday in April and September. One will be for spiritual or sweet rated covers/books. The other post is for all other covers.

Maybe you have a book with a different US or other country holiday theme. I have two slots reserved for other holidays (ie. New Years , St. Patty’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving-US or Canadian, etc.), that I may or not be familiar with,  and NOT included in the holidays above.

When do covers post?

Your cover will post in the order I receive the cover image and completed application, on the first Monday of the month I can get your cover in, unless life interferes to postpone or cancel a month, (which is rare, but happens). For maximum promotion, be sure to share  your cover’s post often on all social media outlets you use (we suggest at least once a week).

We also welcome re-posts and link-backs, for those who know how to use the features, to share with your blog followers from your own blog. Re-post should copy my whole post into your blog, while link-backs do just that, without actually posting my blog on your page. I think it gives a sentence about and my blog link to post on your blog, which then is automatically shared to all social media outlets that your blog is directly linked to as soon as you post. For instance, every post on my blog is automatically posted to Goodreads, FB, Twitter and Triberr. I believe it also posts to my Amazon author page as well.

Every cover will post as soon as there are slots available. Please, do not request specific dates in conjunction to a release date because it probably won’t happen due to other submissions ahead of you (unless you request a date more than three months out, then it’s a possibility).  If we receive a familiar cover/title I will check my records to see if it was spotlighted within six months. If it has, I will hold on to that cover until six months from first posting is reached before reposting it.

Multi-author anthologies can re-showcase every other month if submitted by a different author/title each time.

You don’t need to ask to submit. As long as your book is no more than two weeks pre-publication, or three years post publication, and meets all criteria, I’ll accept it. Emailing to ask if a book qualifies will only set you back on the schedule because I will only be able to reply to those emails by sending this page link to reference. Only you know if your book qualifies. 🙂 Please, only send covers and the filled out application when submitting.

How do you know if your book qualifies?

If your book is STRICTLY ROMANCE and the blurb/cover is rated PG to PG17. If your book is not romance with a happy ever after (HEA) or happy for now (HFN), it won’t fit this feature. I will showcase all genres– as long as it’s ROMANCE. Length is not an issue since I promote cover, not the book. Submit electronic, traditional and self-published is accepted.

Sorry, only heterosexual (M/F) romance, please.  NO erotic.

If you send your cover and I already have my limit for that month, I will add yours to the next available lineup. It could be three to four months before your cover posts, depending on how many covers I receive ahead of yours. If you want to submit more than one cover, I will post one every other month. If I get less than five in any given month I’ll fit in those covers by duplicate authors, or skip that month. So, be sure to tell your friends about this free promo opportunity to make sure yours will have enough to post too! Besides, who doesn’t LOVE to see awesome covers?

What do you need to do?

That’s easy! Please read and follow these instructions very carefully to help make this experience fun and timely for us both. 😀

Be sure to put UNCOVER MONTHLY+TITLE+AUTHOR NAME in each email subject line so I know that is your intent or so I don’t miss/lose a submission.

Send cover images 400×600 or larger. Smaller images tend to blur unattractively when enlarged.
Send each books’ completed information in SEPARATE emails (bk #1 cover/app in email one, bk #2 cover/app in email two, etc.) so I can file completed covers as done w/o accidentally filing the undone ones and losing them.

Read this page completely, then DOWNLOAD the application from this link below.


Return cover art and application form to calisa.rhose@gmail.com

Please DO NOT submit to any other email to help me keep track of submissions. I  ONLY use this email for UnCover Monthly, and all blog related communication. 🙂 I try to respond to all submissions within 72 hours of receipt.
Please, make sure to put all pertinent information IN THE attached WORD .DOC for your convenience. DO NOT put application/cover in the body of your email, only send as an RTF or .doc attachment. No media kits, please. I do not have time to copy and paste cover info into applications for posts, so those will be returned to authors and rescheduled into another month.

The purpose of this feature is NOT to sell books, but to draw attention to YOU and YOUR website as the author. I do not post direct buy links so, please, don’t include them in your application. I recommend whichever weblink you use lead to your book’s purchasing links on your site if you want to push sales through this offer. I want to help readers find their favorite, or new authors, so you both can make a memorable connection, which can lead to repeat sales. At the same time it has the potential to boost social media recognition for us all. I appreciate all cooperation and hope to see your cover soon! 😀

This blog is promoted through FB/Twitter/Goodreads. It will also be shared through Triberr with an additional reach of 295,000+ reach! I will email you with a direct link when your cover is posted. It will be up to you to draw attention to your book cover and author self throughout your posting month.


Honest critiques are welcome and encouraged. There’s no need to hurt feelings here on the ranch, and such will not be tolerated. Any mean, hateful or disrespectful comments on any feature on this site will be deleted without notice and that commenter blocked permanently. No one can please everyone all the time, so play nice. 😀

I LOVE comments! So, please don't be shy and jot a note here.

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